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enterprise consulting & outsourcing company

Who we are

Progress Systems is an international business consulting and Software development outsourcing company.

Each of our founders has 10+ years of experience in business consulting and software development projects.

We provide bespoke solutions across Mobile apps, Web applications and Cloud/SaaS development projects.

Clients from all around the globe trust us their information and business processes.

What we do

We help our clients

  • achieve better results by analyzing and re-engineering business processes
  • automating business with digital tools
  • achieve better financial performance through international outsourcing

To this end, we have assembled a team of professionals, and we follow the standards of the development industry, applying agile development methodologies, SCRUM, automated testing, CI/CD.

This approach allowed us and our clients to achieve the best price, quality, and speed of development.

Our mission

Provide our customers with the best transformation solutions for sustainable progress in the new digital economy.

Our values

Progress, Balance, Stability, Freedom and Responsibility

Why Us

Working with Progress.Systems, you will solve all the problems and difficulties associated with IT and digital transformation, see a clear path to achieve your business goals.

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Business processes audit

Audit of business processes and implementation of operational management model using IT solutions.

IT Solutions design

  • Startup MVPs
  • Online Ecosystems
  • Ecommerce
  • Financial and Blockchain services
  • CRM / ERP / RPA
  • Full stack (web + mobile) applications

Software development

Best practices based full stack software development.

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
Backend programming
  • PHP (Symfony, Laravel)
  • Java
  • Node.js
Computer Graphics and Design
  • Figma
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • 3D Studio Max
Storage engines SQL Databases
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL (MariaDB)
  • MS SQL
  • Firebird
  • Oracle
NoSQL Databases
  • Elasticsearch
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
Events streaming
  • Apache Kafka
  • RabbitMQ
  • Camunda
Frontend Javascript
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
Mobile React Native
Version control Git
Project management software
  • Jira
  • Own system
  • Agile
  • Classical "waterfall"


Current speaking languages: English, Russian.